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My Life Story

"I'm sure you're curious as to why we're in the dungeons. Congratulations on being coronated, your Majesty."
"Meet Captain Arthur Kirkland. The Queen of Spades."

        ~The beginning of it all.~

          ♠♠♠♠ Welcomed to a new life. ♠♠♠♠

There are strangers in my way. Daft fools won't stop me!

And that cursed Frog King will keep his bold acts to himself!

My powers will set me loose of noble vice-like grip. I will not be sent to my grave serving any of you.


Worry not descender of this world. I will use my power, my magic, to protect you.

For the King who I guide. Let my wisdom carry through you like the wind does to your hair.

Let these arms embrace you and pray they never turn to choke you.

Be warned, however, that I will fight you every step of the way toward freedom.

So don't annoy me or anything- Eh?! NO YOU DO NOT MAKE ME SMILE!!!!

I'll rule this world in Order for now...

... as long as I can ruin it in future time.


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Journal History

-- and has a temporary computer until they get theirs back? QwQ


I'm here :icononeboy-blunder:OneBoy-Blunder

Catch me if you can eue //


Queen-Arthur's Profile Picture
Arthur "Spade" Kirkland
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
"You must never touch the Queen."

Name: ♠ Arthur Kirkland. ♠
Kingdom: ♠ Spades ♠
Rank: ♠ Queen Of Spades ♠

Gender: ♠ Male, you blind fool! ♠
Age: ♠ Do not question my existence! ♠
Birthday: ♠ April 23 ♠
Nationality: ♠ British ♠
Hair: ♠ Dirty blonde ♠
Eyes: ♠ Green emeralds ♠
Complexion: ♠ Fair ♠
Height: ♠ Call me short and I'll behead you. ♠
Weight: ♠ W-Why would you ask me that!? ♠
Status: ♠ I'm SUPPOSED to be married... ♠
Sexuality: ♠ Pansexual ♠
Nicknames: ♠ Captain I will only accept my proper title! ♠
Ero zone: ♠ DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH! ♠
Hobbies: ♠ Trying to escape Attending to my duties. ♠
Demeanor: ♠ Demanding, bossy and reckless. ♠
Secrets: ♠ Buried like treasure. ♠
Weapon of choice: ♠ Time and Magic ♠
Goal: ♠ Escape Help maintain order. ♠
Scars: ♠ They will not be named for your amusement. ♠
Personal Treasure: ♠ The cards in my hands. ♠
Tattoos: ♠ You'll have to find out yourself. ♠

"It's not a war, love. It's a game."

Chess is beautiful to waste you life for - Hans Ree

Chess is the only game greater than its players - Tim Rice

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With similar goals I bet these two would get along great.))
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